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Daily Dose of Lycopene Can Protect Skin Against UV-Induced Free Radicals, According To A New Study

Lycopene supplementation can enhance the natural protective qualities of the skin against UV and visible light, the company claims.

Researchers are investigating the ability to counteract the free radicals produced when the skin is exposed to UV and visible light.

The principal behind Lycopene supplement, which contains tomato lycopene, beta-carotene, phytoene and tocopherol, is to enhance the natural protection already provided by small levels of lycopene and
other phytonutrients in the skin.

“We do obtain these components from the diet but the levels are
typically low, with proper supplementation, with we are trying to
boost levels up,” The mechanism is different from sunscreens which
block the UVA and UVB rays as the Lycopene counteracts the free
radicals that are produced on exposure, and for this reason that the
researchers do not suggest the supplementation as an alternative
to topical sunscreens.

“With Lycopene supplementation, we are augmenting the performance of the sunscreen, even if you have an SPF of 50 you will still have some light coming through,” they said.

In addition, the supplement can help protect the skin against the damage of short term sun exposure when people may not think to apply sunscreens.

The study looked at the production of sunburn cells, described as
cells whose DNA has been so badly damaged by radiation they
destroy themselves. Fewer sunburn cells indicate lower levels of
damage. The number of sunburn cells after daily supplementation
was significantly lower than those found in individuals taking a daily
placebo of soy oil.

Replenishment of the bodys Lycopene supply can help bolster the bodys defense mechanisms, resulting in greater protection of the bodys enzymes, DNA and cellular lipids.

Lycopene eliminates a particularly destructive form of oxidation called free radicals. In fact, its more than twice as powerful as beta carotene
at quenching free radicals. Lycopene is also one of the most abundant carotenoids in human blood serum and is the most bundant carotene
in prostate tissue.

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