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A new study of nearly 50,000 individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds supports this theory about health & wellness…

Does listening to music at work or at play make you more productive, less stressed? Some say ‘yes it does!’

Do you enjoy visiting museums, art galleries, and the theatre?

Better yet, do you like to sing, act, dance or draw?

If you do, chances are you may actually be much more content in life than those that do not engage, appreciate, or participate in some form of art and culture.

Studies show that there is clearly a positive relationship between cultural participation and self-perceived health for both women and men, reported researchers.

The medical researchers were most impressed by the fact that
these findings held true no matter the individual’s socio-economic
status…whether the individual was a grocer, bank president, or surgeon. Participating in some way in the arts, theatre or music, as player or participant, had a positive effect on that individual’s sense of health and well-being.

While we may all experience anxiety on some level, having music, art, theatre, and other forms of creativity in our lifes is certainly a good thing. Our increasing focus on more positive opportunities and developing creative outlets in which to enjoy is an all natural stress reliever.

Why not get some culture today?

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